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Thank you for visiting the Spanish Fort Fire Rescue Department web site. The men and women of the Spanish Fort Fire Rescue Department take pride in our department and City of Spanish Fort. We work hard to serve, protect, and help maintain a high quality of life for everyone who lives, works and visits our city.

We hope that your visit to this site will help you learn who we are and what we do. The members of the Spanish Fort Fire Rescue Department will always seek to perform to the highest standards, continuing to educate ourselves and the public, and lead the way in Emergency and Community Services. Please feel free to visit with us, we welcome the chance to show you around.

The Spanish Fort Fire Rescue Department, established in 1962, is a mostly volunteer department that provides around the clock fire protection and rescue services for our citizens and visitors of Spanish Fort. Operating out of two fire stations, our fire fighters respond to a wide array of emergency calls. These calls include: structure fires, motor vehicle accidents, hazardous materials accidents, and emergency medical calls.

If you take a CPR class with us this year and purchase a CPR card, you’ll receive a protective barrier/mask to keep.

To find out more about our monthly CPR classes, you can visit our website.

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We cannot stress this enough. Please be safe when heating your house.

The peak months for home heating fires are December, January and February.

If you have any questions or concerns, call us at 626-8876.
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Message from Baldwin County EMA:

...Black Ice Will Form Region-wide Tonight - Take Heed!...

Across interior southeastern Mississippi, inland and coastal southwestern Alabama and the westernmost Florida Panhandle, black ice will begin forming this afternoon and endure until the temperature rises above freezing late tomorrow morning.

*What?...What is black ice? Black ice is a transparent sheet of ice that forms on highways and can be difficult to identify until you already driven over it. The source of black ice is melted residual glaze from freezing rain and\or melted snow and sleet that re- freezes. Black ice can be especially dangerous on elevated roadways such as overpasses and inclines such as bridges. This is where many reports have come from.

*When and Where?...Black ice will form once again region-wide from 4 PM until 10 AM tomorrow morning south of Highway-84 and endure until Noon CST north of that Corridor. Local emergency management, working very closely with the NWS in Mobile, AL today have confirmed the black ice situation over most areas, and they are very concerned about the situation over the next day or so. So, slow down and use extra precaution if you must drive!

Black ice will form again, regionwide, from early Thursday evening through early Friday morning. Finally, there may be residual black ice that forms Friday night and into Saturday morning, generally northeast of a line from Butler,AL to Grove Hill, AL to Brewton, AL to Crestview, FL.

In general, those areas receiving the most snowmelt and freezing rain, which is generally over interior sections of southern Alabama and southeastern Mississippi, will continue experiencing black ice the longest, meaning over the next several nights.

In shaded areas, black ice will likely persist during the heat of the day on Thursday afternoon and again Friday afternoon north of the Highway 84 Corridor.
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Our Guiding Principles

  • We exist to help people in need
  • We respect others
  • Our members are our most valuable asset.
  • Improvement is accomplished as a team, one step at a time.
  • We must be good stewards of the community’s support for us.

Your Community Needs You

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer of the SFFR Department should watch the video below and take a look at our volunteer page

Volunteer Today!

Take the next step in providing support and protection for the community around you.

The Process

Meet the Requirements

Most frequently asked questions are addressed on our volunteer information. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have that are not addressed in the FAQ.

Choose Your Area

Not everyone has to fight fires. We offer volunteer positions in Emergency Response, Fire Corps Auxillary, and our Fire Service Explorer Program.


Volunteers are required to apply via our online form, or by contacting the department via phone.

Complete Training

Accepted applicants are required to meet current members and attend three drill sessions before responding to your neighbor’s call for help.

Services We Provide

Fire - Rescue Response

The Spanish Fort Fire – Rescue Department provides emergency responses to the citizens of Spanish Fort, Malbis, Plantation Hills, and Bay Branch. We respond to over 671 calls per year. Responses include residential and commercial fires, fire alarms, medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, and forest fires to name a few.

Pre-Incident Planning

We work with local businesses to perform pre-incident planning and prevention activities. Annually, we visit each business to ensure our information is up to date. If the business so desires, we will also perform a Courtesy Fire Inspection which identifies areas of concern for the business owner and fire department as well.

Public Education / Fire Prevention

Our in-house Public Education program reaches over 1,100 school age children annually. We provide training and education to children and adults as well. To get more information about one of our programs, please contact our Public Education Officer at 251.626.8876.

Our Vision


Support & Educate

The model of excellence in providing fire protection, education, prevention and related services

Quality of Life

An organization that constantly seeks to provide, enhance, and broaden customer service levels as means to increase the quality of life for all residents and visitors

Reliable & Consistent

An organization that constantly seeks ways to be responsive to the community’s needs and concerns

Ready to Adapt

An organization that will embrace the challenge of new ideas and new technology

Around the Community

Community Involvement

We pride ourselves on community engagement and growth through education, support, and safety. Stay up to date to with our community involvement via our event calendar. Some of our events include CPR / AED Training, American Flag Disposal, and Car Seat Inspections.


A key responsibility of any fire department is to educate the people it protects by teaching them about fire safety. Throughout the year, the department delivers educational programs to school children, senior citizens, special interest groups, or anyone else who makes a request for information.

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Station # 1 Address:
7580 Spanish Fort Blvd.
Spanish Fort, Alabama 36527

Station # 2 Address:
10628 U.S. Hwy 31.
Spanish Fort, Alabama 36527

Phone: Call Today

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Fax: 251-626-FIRE (3473)

Station # 1

7580 Spanish Fort Blvd
Spanish Fort, AL 36527

Station # 2

10628 US-31
Spanish Fort, AL 36527