In Case of Fire

A fire can start when you least expect it. Be prepared for when it does.

If you wake in bed with smoke in the room:

  • Roll out of bed.
  • Stay low and crawl to the door. Smokes fills a room from the ceiling down.
  • Test the door with the back of your hand.
  • If the door is hot, go to another exit.
  • If the door is cool, open it slowly and go to your meeting place outside the home.
  • Use your neighbor’s phone and call for help (DIAL 911).
  • Do not go back in your home. You may be seriously injured.

Highrise Apartment

Follow the same rules and include the following: Take the stairs when exiting. Close the door behind you and take your keys. Do not use the elevator. Elevators may open at a floor on fire or stop working, trapping you inside.

If You Are Trapped Inside Your Apartment

  • Close the doors between you and the fire.
  • Stop up cracks and vents to keep smoke out.
  • Put a wet cloth over your nose and wait at a window.
  • Phone the fire department, DIAL 911.
  • If unable to reach a phone, signal for help with a sheet or flashlight.

If Your Clothes Catch Fire

  • STOP – Do not run. It will fan the flames, making them bigger.
  • DROP – To the Ground or floor immediately and cover your face with your hands.
  • ROLL – Over back and forth to smother the flames.
  • COVER your eyes with your hands.

Emergency Phone Procedure

  • DIAL 911.
  • Give your address.
  • Give your room number and floor.
  • Give your name.
  • Give the type of emergency.
  • Don’t hang up until the emergency operator finishes talking to you!
  • Give your phone number.