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Welcome! We’ve been waiting on you.

Where Do I Start?

You’ve probably seen them around the city or responding to an emergency, maybe in your own neighborhood. Perhaps you’ve asked yourself “I wonder what it takes to be part of that team?” We will attempt to address some of the questions you may have. We are always looking for new members. If you’ve got what it takes, contact us at 251-626-8876, or use this Online Form.

Deciding to become a volunteer is a huge life-changing decision. We want the process to be as easy and fulfilling as possible. We greatly appreciate anyone interested in dedicating his or her time to the cause, and we can’t thank you enough. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way.


All potential volunteers must meet the following requirements before starting the process to become a volunteer.

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Live in the Spanish Fort FD jurisdiction
  • Have an insurable driving history

The Process

All Volunteers Must Complete the Steps Listed Below

Meet the Requirements

Most frequently asked questions are addressed on our volunteer information. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have that are not addressed in the FAQ.

Choose Your Area

Not everyone has to fight fires. We offer volunteer positions in Emergency Response, Fire Corps Auxillary, and our Fire Service Explorer Program.


Volunteers are required to apply via our online form, or by contacting the department via phone.

Complete Training

Accepted applicants are required to meet current members and attend three drill sessions before responding to your neighbor’s call for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Any Prior Experience Required?
Absolutely not! Most volunteers come to the fire department without any prior emergency response experience. We provide weekly in-house training sessions as well as outside training classes.
Will the Weekly Training Classes Provide Me With Everything I Need to Know?
Probably not. In addition to our weekly classes, our volunteers gain knowledge and experience from on the job training. We emphasize safety and never ask a volunteer to perform tasks, which are beyond his/her ability or skill.
Is Being A Volunteer Time-Intensive?

We have weekly training drills (Tuesday and Thursday nights) from 6:30PM-930PM. We ask that volunteers attend at least 50% of the weekly drills. Additionally, we have a workday on the 3rd Saturday once a quarter. The workday is usually from 8AM-12Noon depending on the amount of help and the project involved.

Why Should I Volunteer?
Probably the best reason is that your community needs you! Other reasons may be that you enjoy helping others and you get satisfaction from a job well done.
How Much Will It Cost Me to Be A Volunteer
We hope the money spent is minimal. We provide each volunteer with a complete set of personal protective equipment. We also provide each volunteer with a radio pager. After six months of service, volunteers are eligible for a dress uniform. The department provides the pants, shirt and badge. Each volunteer must provide his/her nametag, black shoes, and black belt. Other items such as long sleeve tee shirts sweatshirts and vehicle tags may be purchased at the volunteer’s option.
What Type of Calls Can I Expect to Go On?

Our fire department responds to approximately 1,000calls a year. We handle a variety of calls ranging from structure fires to motor vehicle accidents. We respond to all motor vehicle accident in our area. We may be called to assist an EMS unit with a medical emergency or help land a medical helicopter. Naturally, during severe weather the request for our service increases. We have assisted the police department in searches and traffic direction as well.

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The City of Spanish Fort is an equal opportunity employer and provider. The City does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, citizenship status, genetic information or any other legally protected status.

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