The Spanish Fort Fire Rescue Department offers the following services:  Fire РRescue Response, Public Education / Fire Prevention, and Pre-Incident Planning.

Fire - Rescue Response

The Spanish Fort Fire – Rescue Department provides emergency responses to the citizens of Spanish Fort, Malbis, Plantation Hills, and Bay Branch. We respond to over 775 calls per year. Responses include residential and commercial fires, fire alarms, medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, and forest fires to name a few.

Pre-Incident Planning

We work with local businesses to perform pre-incident planning and prevention activities. Annually, we visit each business to ensure our information is up to date. If the business so desires, we will also perform a Courtesy Fire Inspection which identifies areas of concern for the business owner and fire department as well.

Public Education / Fire Prevention

Our in-house Public Education program reaches over 1,100 school age children annually. We provide training and education to children and adults as well. To get more information about one of our programs, please contact our Public Education Officer at 251.626.8876.